What a wonderful idea this is!  I wish we had this years ago, we had to have a company come dig up my yard and it was a mess to fix the leaks… Maintaining your investment is important, you need a solution that will last and protect the finishes you install in your space.

Did you know that roughly seventy percent of our planet is water covered at any given time. So what makes us think we can build a simple structure, using the most basic of materials, and have even the slightest chance of stopping water from intruding?
The truth is we can’t. Our best hope is to stop the water from leaking in, BWI can help you get your basement free of moisture by using our proven waterproofing systems that don’t just put a bandage on your dampness problems, but solves them. Basement Waterproof Inc. uses an exterior bentonite injection method that stops water from passing through your wall, and what’s more, it requires no outside excavation. Sodium bentonite is a natural substance that expands when wet and is able to absorb many times its dry mass in water, which makes it a useful sealant.

Need more information about waterproofing your basement, stop by booth 313, at the Times Union Home Expo, BWI will be there with 30 years experience they are your source for efficient, economic solutions for your water problems. So stay dry and stay tuned for more  home improvement projects we can help with.. come visit with us February 19-21st. Click here for tickets and info

We’ll see you At The Home Expo!!






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