It is no secret that the popularity of natural stone derives from its beauty and brilliant luster. Some 1.265 billion square meters of natural stone were used for construction this year. Its versatility and functionality is unmatched. But beauty is only the beginning.

Durability is another reason that we have a love affair with natural stone. There are many differences between stone types. Granite is good and strong, it can stand up to heat and is stain resistant. Marble is more porous, but still a strong stone good for everything from Bathrooms to Kitchen countertops. French Limestone has intense color, and is more durable than lighter limestone’s.

Soapstone is another option and one of my favorites. In old homes that have the original soap stone counters, they take on character, they can tell a story of the past. Soapstone is hard and stain resistant, naturally non porous it has a softer look and as you treat it with mineral oil it enhances the natural darkening process.

With a multitude of products out there, PMI imports stone from Brazil, Italy, India, South Africa, Mexico, China, Spain and Canada. PMI offers a wide selection of colors in Granite, Marble, Limestone, Onyx and Travertine. Located at booth133-134 on the main floor of the Times Union Home Expo.

Although PMI does not sell directly to the public, they do offer homeowners a customer service and selection process which is unique to the industry and has clearly contributed to the company’s positive growth. Stop in if your interested in Stone for your home, the PMI team understands the unique needs of their customers and will take that extra step to ensure customer satisfaction.

Mother Nature etches her version of art on each and every piece of stone. If you love natural stone with bold colors, flowing waves, and distinct movement, you’re sure to fall in love with one of these gorgeous natural designs.

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