There is something magnificent about an open door.. its welcoming..Like a first camera shot in a movie, your front door and windows introduce the style of the interior of your home. Windows and doors have the same effect as an establishing shot in a movie. They speak volumes about your style and invite the viewer to want to live in this world you’ve created.
Are you tired of living in an outdated home, would you like to change the exterior and interior look of your home? You may want to look at the option to replace the windows and/or doors. Even though you are living in an older home, your property doesn’t need to look outdated. With a few simple upgrades you can transform the appearance of your property.

The fact is better-insulated windows mean your home won’t be fighting the outside air to maintain a comfortable temperature. This can drastically cut energy costs in your home. They can also help filter sunlight, preventing harmful rays from fading your furniture, upholstery, wood floors and art, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Given the variables associated with each region and the different efficiency factors, working with a window and door professional can make sense.

Comfort Windows and Doors will be at booth 165-168 in the Times Union Center at the Home Expo.

Comfort Windows and Doors was created in 1981 by Bill Putzer Jr. He opened the first location of Comfort Windows and Doors in Syracuse NY, and 1983 in order to provide customers with a higher quality, more energy efficient window, Bill opens Comfort Manufacturing in Liverpool, NY with the help of his parents. Comfort now controls the entire window process from concept to installation.

Comfort Windows can assess what works best for your region and even your home’s position. It might save you money to have higher-efficiency windows on a west-facing side of your house, where the sun is more intense, and less efficient ones elsewhere to help save you money on overall window cost. Stop by and Chat with their staff, and who knows, I may meet you there!

We look forward to seeing you at the Home Expo…

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