I’m so excited to be at the Times Union Home Expo again this year! With so many makeover shows on TV why would you need a Designer? Some things come natural to people like cooking, painting or decorating, for the rest of us it takes an education.
Have you ever started a project, knew what you wanted but had trouble bringing that vision to life. Do you feel overwhelmed? Like it’s a daunting task to pull together a room, much less a whole house, does it seemed like an impossible chore?  Maybe you need some Divine Design Inspiration! I would like to share some reasons to work with an Interior designer and tips that may help you a bit more than the TV shows.

Working with an interior designer/decorator means that they do the research and legwork for you, using their education, training and experience to help you choose paint colors, textures, furniture, fabrics, flooring and accessories?–everything relating to decorating your home in the style you want. As a professional we know the best resources and may save you money on purchases with discounts to the trade. We arrive at your home, listen carefully to your ideas and needs, and then come up with a creative plan for your project.

There are some basic questions I ask myself when designing a home that allows me to provide a positive customer experience for my clients. The design project should be a fun collaborative experience! We want the result to be a home designed for a successful lifestyle for both play and work, and to delight the homeowner for as long as they live there

Make sure to understand the lifestyle and budget of the client.

If I am dealing with a family, I look to see what rooms are used, when and why..most families gather more at a kitchen island for meals,  than a formal dining table. Also with busy lifestyles homes are used differently. Instead of a traditional Living room that would never be used, why not create  a  “computer lifestyle room” where the family that computes together stays together? Its important to know your budget, let your designer know what you have to spend and what projects are most important. She will give you a realistic idea of what your budget will cover.

We’ll Help Personalize your Space.

Your home or space should reflect you. When your family and friends walk in they should know that its yours. Interior designers will help you get away from what trendy department stores are telling you to buy. They’ll help you instead, to aim for pieces that compliment your personality and the function of your room or home. Communication is important, your designer will ask a myriad of questions, I always say a picture is worth a thousand words, tear out pages in magazines or create a folder on your computer with pictures of items that you are drawn to, this will help to convey your style to your designer.

Keep comfort in mind.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture simply because it was pretty, only to discover that it’s painfully uncomfortable (or useless)?  The silver lining of this mistake is that you’ve learned an important lesson: comfort is key. Your space should be inviting and comfortable. Working with a designer will ensure that the furniture is to scale for your room, functional, and esthetically pleasing to the eye.

Working with your vision and expand it. 

 Once we discuss your vision, we’ll work with it to turn it into a reality. We can even help you expand on ideas that you might have never thought possible. A good interior designer will be able to incorporate your unique personality into a space just by listening!

I will be at the Home Expo, blogging…visiting…and looking forward to meeting you in person. Stop at booth 328 and share  your projects and Ideas with me, I’m here to help! Visit my website Designs by Michele and read my blog Adventures in Styleland for DIY projects,  Ideas on window treatments,  furnishings and more!

Stay Tuned for more Adventures in Styleland….

Michele Conti



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