A kitchen remodel can be costly, and choosing the right kitchen appliances for you and your family is no small task! It affects your life in countless ways – each time you step foot in the kitchen and open the refrigerator door or fire up the burner to make your marinara. You are asking yourself should I have spent more time researching options and brands?

Appliances are a huge investment, they may also affect the resale value of your home.

Why bundling makes sense!

The Knowledgeable staff at Adirondack Appliance have been consulting consumers on Kitchen appliances since 1929. The question today “Is a kitchen appliance package right for me?”

Most of the time, buying “the big four” kitchen appliances at once – also known as a “bundled” purchase – makes good sense for two basic reasons: you will end up paying less for each appliance than if you purchased them separately and some of the most well-known and reliable manufactures such as Kitchen Aid, Bosch, LG, GE and Electrolux offer the great bundles. Buy four and save more!!

At the Home Expo they are located at Booth 157-158, Stop in and let them give you a recipe for success, no second guessing.. do your research and then start enjoying your new kitchen appliances!

More Adventures to come!!




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