Il Gusto della Vita” means to “savor life the Italian way,” our family enjoy’s life by experiencing good food and spending time around the table with our family and friends. Last year I stopped and talked with Mel and Terry Palmer the owners of Gutso Della Vita I was reminded of family gatherings as child, our table would be full of fresh tomatoes from the garden, sliced and drizzled with olive oil, and served with French bread like no other I have found. A large platter of soppersata and cheese would be the centerpiece, with my Mom’s homemade pickled-everything in mason jars spread across the table. The adults all drank red wine, which later in life, I have become quite fond of.  Back then, conversations would linger well into the warm summer nights..

“Once someone tries a real extra virgin olive oil — an adult or a child, anybody with taste buds — they’ll never go back to the fake kind. It’s distinctive, complex, the freshest thing you’ve ever eaten.”

~ Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity –

We are thrilled that Gusto Bella Vita, will be with us once again this Year! Visit with them and sample some of their Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegar’s or sauces and spreads. They will be located at booth 160A, stop by for “a taste of life”!!

More Adventures to come!!



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