One option if you’re thinking of building a new home, is insulated concrete forms which is a cost effective way of installing your foundations while also providing the dual roll of insulating your basement at the same time.

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) offer a high level of energy efficiency compared to traditional ‘stick built’ wood framed walls. ICF construction is essentially a concrete and foam sandwich which is put together like a set of Legos on site.

Once the foam blocks are in place, concrete is poured in the center cavity and allowed to set. This forms a sound structure with excellent thermal properties.

As a designer I always do the homework. Stop by booth 319 and talk with the staff of Seaway Wall Distributing, Inc. Find out if ICF features are the right choice for your new home.

See you shortly… At Home Expo 2016..Friday February 19th is almost here!


Michele Conti


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