I always get asked by those who are thinking about updating or renovating their kitchen, “what are the latest trends?” “What do I need to include in my project so that my project will last and be current for many years to come?” While most people don’t want to be too trendy in an area as expensive and as permanent as a kitchen, everyone does want to have the latest and greatest appliances that will keep their kitchen looking fresh and up to date for many years to come. At Adirondack Appliance they have been selling appliances since 1929. Technology, innovation, design and performance are all key factors for them when selecting their brands and they are careful to choose products tailored to the needs of their customers.

My recommendation for 2017…

Induction Tops While the induction cooktop technology has been around for many years, only recently has it really taken off. And why not? Induction cooktops offer so many advantages with almost no downside. The induction cooktop always stays cool to the touch- not heating up your kitchen and providing an extra layer of safety that nothing else offers. They are as good as or better than gas cooktops in their ability to offer precise and immediate control of temperature and to maintain a low heat level for hours. As for speed, you can go from cold to boiling water in a saucepan in about 90 seconds. They are extremely energy efficient and the smooth surface is a breeze to clean with most brands having no knobs or buttons.

Yes, you have to have a pan or skillet that is magnetic based such as cast iron or magnetic stainless steel but higher end cookware meets this standard. The end of the electric cooktop is coming to a close and while gas cooktops have their loyal fans, you owe it to yourself to try out an induction top before you remodel your kitchen in 2017.

Adirondack Appliance is located at booth 155-156, stop in and ask about Induction cooktops make sure your next renovation is cutting edge!

Mark your calendars…it’s almost here February 10-12, 2017,  The Times Union Home Expo! I’m getting excited whether you are purchasing a new home or an experienced pro on the job, we’ve got the vendors and exhibits to help with your project …  See the latest & greatest ideas in home improvement, new products, cool tools, new furnishings, designs and more!

Stay Tuned for more Adventures in Styleland at the Times Union Home Expo…


Michele Conti



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