Renovating your kitchen? Culinary functionality of kitchen appliances combined with magnificent design aesthetics are key elements in creating your dream kitchen. But taking the plunge on choosing a dream luxury stove can be more overwhelming than buying a new car.

Pro appliances are pricier but tend to be more durable and powerful, and they are designed BEAUTIFULLY. For serious cooks, heavy entertainers and large families they are a good choice.

Choosing the size of your luxury stove is the easy part. Say you would want a 48 inch model – 6 burner with one griddle of fire power (as an Italian woman, I would LOVE a stove this size!). Once you decide how wide you can go, you have to dive into features and reputation. Vikings reviews are well…lets just say the love affair ends when you dig into the specs and the bulletin boards reviews about quality…and if that isn’t enough, the BTU output of the burners is low – only a maximum of 15,000 BTU. The BTU output of Wolf, the other luxury brand we’ve seen in most friends’ kitchens, is a little more powerful, but still not enough. Blue Star wins hands down in my book!

Story after story of the Thermador oven doors exploding into a million pieces of glass, sometimes with children present is a deterrent for sure. Even when the dealer’s suggestions are that you just shouldn’t use the self clean feature, doesn’t reassure anyone.

Blue Star is like finding Nirvana beyond the top brands, in the land of open burners Blue Star is the pearl in a sea of oysters. Blue Star ranges have all that you were longing for: BTU power, color options, and good reputations. They are even less expensive than the leading brands. Making Blue Star a strong contender.

Smaller spaces welcome the Blue Star Brand. Professional performance 36″ RNB Series Range with 12″ Charbroiler in stainless steel has a extra-large convection oven with 1850° infrared broiler that accommodates a full size 18″ x 26″ commercial baking sheet, four open burners with up to 22,000 BTUs. Available in 750 colors! Well need I say more? If your interested getting more information on BlueStar Appliances contact Adirondack Appliance. Talk with Tom, tell him Michele sent you!

This year at The Times Union Home Expo, Adirondack Appliance and Blue Star will have live demonstrations at Booth 155-156. With several events to happen on the floor this year including Celebrity Chef cook-offs as well as recipe’s shared by our own Michelle Hines Abram! Stay Tuned for more information on dates and times!

See you soon, February 10th is almost here!



Michele Conti



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