In today’s world of cookie-cutter design and ticky-tacky construction, “custom-built” most often means getting to pick standard cabinet pieces and colors that someone puts together to fit standard room spaces. Homeowners who want to give their existing kitchens a makeover often replace the old cabinets with new ones. However, for homeowners who truly want to give their kitchens a unique and elegant touch, custom cabinets are the right choice. John Lis, owner of Normanskill Custom Cabinet Co., has been handcrafting custom pieces for over 30 years in residential and commercial applications.

Cost for custom design is always a question. Numerous factors can influence the total price paid for custom cabinets. For starters, the size of the kitchen and the number of cabinets needed has a huge impact on the total price of the project. The types of materials used can also impact the cost of custom kitchen cabinets.

After all, custom cabinets made of particleboard would be a lot less expensive than cabinets made of solid cherry wood. The types of accessories such as cabinet handles, mill work and knobs may also impact the overall price. Of course, like any major home improvement project, there are some potential drawbacks that come along with the installation of custom kitchen cabinets, there’s the relatively higher price tag. Okay but…

Fortunately, new kitchen cabinets, especially custom cabinets and kitchen upgrades in general are seen as one of the best home improvement projects a homeowner can make, especially because their return on investment is often so high. I have to mention here that I love the Hexagon Tile in this custom rustic kitchen design, the use of this tile compliments the distressed cabinets perfectly!

Don’t settle for cabinets that don’t fully serve your needs. Invest in the style, comfort, and functionality that Normanskill Custom Cabinets afford. Talk to John at the Home Expo, his booth 178-179 is located on the floor of the Times Union Center. Schedule your free consult & design today.

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