I was scrolling through the internet last night – looking for some inspiration for today’s blog, and reading up on some interesting stories. That’s when I came across these, some of the best dog beds EVER!!!

This by far is the cutest idea I’ve seen! As you know I’m an incurable DIY’er, I may have to run out and look for an old night stand today for my puppies!!! You might think finding a good dog bed is an easy task, but it’s not that simple. You can’t just drive to the store and pick out the first “cute bed” you see. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. Dogs, just like their owners, have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to catch their zzz’s.

Every year the Home Expo hosts an adoption event for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. Our local ABC station WTEN channel 10’s, Steve Caparizzo joins us every year. Steve hosts the WTEN Pet Connection every evening at 5:30pm and has helped hundreds if not thousands of furry friends find a home.

This year if you are planning to adopt a pet at the Home Expo I often say, preparation is priceless! Welcoming a new pet into your home is an important task. Preparing things in advance like new bowls and pet proofing some dangerous areas are key things to consider. Comfort is another.  A designated space for your new friend is important. Here are some other ideas for beds to help your pet feel comfy and cozy in their new home…


This is a beautiful functional piece of furniture, that doubles as a bed! Luxury Dog Beds are the Trend! Made from old media cabinet’s or coffee tables, they can serve a dual purpose in your home. My dogs through the years have been happy with the traditional stuffed pillow bed that lies on the floor. I’m guessing many of you have the same sort of thing in your homes. But, seeing these dog beds made me wonder what other types ideas are out there?

Here is another…A Murphy Bed


By day, it is a regular cabinet. Put a lamp on top and no one will ever know the difference. But by night, your dog will have a cushy, comfortable place to rest his paws.

Here is another murphy bed that caught my eye!


Does it get any cuter!! OMG These guys are so sweet!!

If you adopt a friend that has a bit of anxiety, the next bed may be just what the doctor orders…

Music soothes the savage beast… and also, the domesticated one! Dogs who are terrified of loud booms and vibrations will want to chill out in a crate designed to calm pooches during stressful situations. The Zen Crate! These videos have taken over Facebook! This relaxing pet crate has a roof and walls that are built for vibration dampening and noise reduction.Do they make this in people sizes?? LOL.. ZenCrate is not yet readily available on the market just yet, but the company plans to launch a KickStarter campaign this summer and we can’t wait! See you all soon, Home Expo is right around the Corner!


As Always..Stay tuned for more Adventures in Styleland!





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