The holidays have arrived and I am a sucker for setting a festive table. There is something about hosting family or friends that just makes me happy. Growing up my mom always made things beautiful and entertained in style.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner,  there are so many neat little projects you can do with your family! Here is a fun way I found to repurpose those old plastic Easter eggs and incorporate them into your Thanksgiving decor:

Here are the materials you will need:

Home Depot has everything you need to complete this project;

Two cans of Rustoleum, Gold and Silver

Small Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

A Roll of Think Twine



Start by taking your eggs apart and going out to the garage. Lay out a drop cloth. Separate the eggs into two piles. Spray half silver and half gold!

To make the hat for the acorn take a roll of twine (thicker is better). Thread the twine through one of the holes in the plastic egg or start the hat with a dot of glue. Cover the egg completely with twine, you can go around a second time if you need to.


That’s it, its that easy! These little darlings will delight your guests . Display them as a centerpiece on your table or lay them around the Thanksgiving Day table as part of the Holiday tablescape.

I am especially loving these acorns because you can make them for Halloween, use them at Thanksgiving and then transition them to the tree for Christmas!!

We were the type of family that sat around the dinner table for hours talking and laughing so for me, it just feels right to make something for the table .  I thought It would be fun to do a DIY Blog for the Fall. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little project..

Do you have any to share with us??

As always stay tuned for more Adventures in Styleland..


Michele Conti


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