So you’ve decided to buy your first boat. Congratulations! Because 2/3 of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Your new boat will let you visit a lot more of the planet, much more than you can visit by car.

Unlike cars, however, recreational boats are not about simple transportation. Some people buy boats because they’ve made the decision to get away with family and friends and go to places where landlubbers can’t go. Lakes, bays, rivers, sounds, harbors, islands, and even oceans are suddenly available for your exploration when you own a boat.

Other people buy for the camaraderie– they want to join cruising clubs, yacht clubs, or fishing tournaments. Still others like to try their hands at recreational racing and high-performance boating. Whatever your reason for buying a boat, you are making a lifestyle choice, and CR ‘s Marine can help.

Chris has been introducing customers to boating for since 1994, Chris and his staff exemplify their mission, which is to deliver the best in boating service, a great facility and unparalleled customer service. Without the emphasis they place on customer service throughout every aspect of the buying/ownership experience, these strategies would not promise lifelong customers! Located on the main floor of The Times Union Home Expo.


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