You’ve got the plans and you know what it is you want. Maybe it’s a game room to play Halo in, or a home theater where you can watch the latest Blu-ray or the big game. But whatever your basement remodeling plans are, don’t start them until you know your home’s most vulnerable space is ready. Do you need help preparing your basement. Adirondack Basement Systems will be at the Times Union Home Expo with tips on how to get started.

Waterproofing must precede remodeling:
The last thing you want is for all that expensive new furniture and electronic equipment to be ruined by water damage. That’s why it’s important to make sure you enact a thorough basement waterproofing regime before you start your basement remodeling project.

Install a Sump Pump

Your basement’s sump pump is responsible for removing all the excess non-condensation moisture from your basement. To be thorough, you should purchase a sump pump with a battery backup, so your basement will still be protected if the power goes out (something that often happens during the big storms that cause basement flooding).

Most homeowners want to improve lifestyle with additional space or are intending to increase their house value for that potential forthcoming sale. Home improvements like renovating the basement happen for two chief reasons. The first, could be to increase space by attempting to convert the unfinished basement into a useful rooms such as a craft space or perhaps a game spot. Second it can be used as an alternative bedroom for that teenaged kid that has outgrown sharing a room with his or her sibling.

All of us at some point start looking at our homes and hoping there were a little bit of extra room around so that we could organize it in a better fashion. If you can find a whole new room, then even better! With space becoming such a premium in the modern world, it makes sense to fully utilize every inch that is on offer. By waterproofing and sealing you are sure to put the basement to good use.

Basements can be luxurious spaces, stop by booth 242-243 at the Home Expo, talk with Kevin Koval president of Adirondack Basement systems. Kevin will prepare your basement so its ready to be transformed into a beautiful useful space in your home. Basement Systems is one of the most respected basement waterproofing companies in North America. Kevin takes great pride and responsibility for every customer that the staff of Adirondack Basement Systems assists on a daily basis. We’ll see you there February 10-12th!
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