November is here and leaf raking is in full swing. If you live in a house, there’s a good chance you want to improve it. Whether you’re eyeing a new snow blower, or think you need new windows The Home Expo brings experts in each field to help with all your questions. As winter draws near there are some steps we need to take to button up our homes for the winter!

1.  Chimney and fireplace: Before you begin using your fireplace in earnest this season, schedule an appointment with a professional chimney company. Adirondack Hearth and Home will be at booth 130-132 this year at the Times Union Home Expo.  They will clean out your firebox and chimney, removing dangerous creosote buildup that can be a fire risk. They will also inspect the interior and exterior of your chimney and make recommendations for any repairs that may be needed.


2.  Windows: November is a great time to inspect your windows. Normal wear and tear, as well as temperature fluctuations through the seasons, can affect the seals on your windows. Window World in booth 137-139 is here to help! They recommend that you inspect the exterior of your windows and frames, caulking where necessary to prevent air leakage.  Look for signs of broken seals, which causes the insulating gas fill to escape and reduces the energy efficiency of your windows. Inspect the interior of the windows as well.  Check for leaks or drafts, replace any broken or cracked panes, and check that all hardware is operating properly. Window World’s new replacement windows provide substantial energy efficiency and savings for your home. Maybe its time to start saving, money and ENERGY!


3.  Be snow-ready: Whether or not you believe the Farmers Almanac or the weatherman’s predictions for the upcoming winter, they are saying “its going to be a whopper!”  If you have a gas-powered snow blower, make sure it starts and is in good running condition. Remember to fill the gas tank and don’t forget to check the oil . Home Depot wants to help make sure your ready! Pass Booth 304 at the Home Expo and check to make sure your snow shovels are in good shape, and if they’ve taken a beating over the last few winters then invest in a new one. Stock up on a few bags of deicing salt and sand for your walkways.


4.  Attic insulation: One of the worst places for heat loss and air infiltration is through an under-insulated attic. This year be sure that you have the proper amount of insulation in your attic spaces to keep the heated air in the living areas of your home.  If you look across the attic floor joists at eye level and can’t see insulation, chances are you need more.  You can have an insulation company add blown-in insulation, or you can lay down batts (rolls) of insulation yourself.  Lowes located at booth 190-192 has begun renting insulation blowers so you can install your own blown insulation.


5.  Get your yard prepared: Now is a good time to put much of your yard to bed for the winter. Cold temperatures cause most deciduous trees and shrubs to go dormant, which makes it the perfect time to trim back dead or overgrown tree branches.  Grasshopper Gardens says you can now safely prune back any spring or summer blooming shrubs such as azalea and hydrangea without any damage to next year’s blooms.  Clear out any dead annuals from flower beds and dead vegetable plants from your garden, and apply a fresh layer of mulch or shredded leaves.

Well before we know it, turkey time will be here! But that’s another story.. for now I’ll say..


Stay tuned for more Adventures in Styleland..



Michele Conti



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