The modern American home is constantly evolving, and while some trends go in and out of style, others take their place in the design arena and stick around. The trends that stand the test of time are often those that allow people to live more comfortably and get more use out of their home.

When it comes to home design, kitchen and bath renovation projects still remain at the top of the list for most homeowners. But what are people demanding from these upgrades? Here are a few trends we’ve seen in 2016.
Color Trends For Appliances

Certain colors of appliances will maintain their title as the most favored choice for the finish of kitchen appliances. Stainless steel is one of them, and it has been a common choice for over a hundred years now. Its popularity comes from the fact that it has a universal appeal and a shiny appearance, which is often associated with luxury. It also provides a more sterile surface than the others.

Dett Otterbeck owner of Otterbeck Builders Inc. says ” The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the room where the family gathers each day for meals, friends mingle over appetizers and kids enjoy their snacks after school while doing their homework. ” If you’re looking at remodeling your kitchen Otterbeck Builders will work with your vision to accomplish what you would have only dreamed of. When choosing appliances be practical and look for energy-efficient appliances with warranties—arguably, you’ll use appliances more than other features in your kitchen. But be sure to maintain a balance between what you spend on appliances and cabinets.


There is a variety of trendy colors and styles of cabinets available for you to choose from. There are floating units, cabinets with touch-latch doors, systems that are hidden behind sliding doors, and cabinets with innovative surfaces, such as semi-translucent glass, bamboo, and aluminum.


At Otterbeck Builders this year, they’ve seen bathrooms evolve considerably in the last decade thanks to less expensive fittings and a revolution in manufacturing and design processes that have made ‘luxury’ far more accessible for everyone. Today, the concept of a spa-inspired master bathroom is being embraced globally, and as homeowners struggle to cope with an increasingly frantic urban lifestyle, they are veering towards a serene bathroom that acts as a rejuvenating, personal refuge. Apart from the contemporary white backdrop, styles such as Asian and tropical are a big hit, as they give the comfy bathroom an exotic and exclusive ambiance.

Free Standing tubs are making a big splash and have taken over bathroom design. Taking up less room than the soaker tub that has a large tile deck these tubs come in all sizes and can make even the smallest space have style and functionality. Hexagon tiles traditionally used in bathroom and kitchen floors, have made a big impact this year. (Check Back on my previous post Simple Transition…Tile and Wood for ideas) The hexagon shaped tile is no stranger to the design world and its use and applications date back to early ancient history. In the new year, we can expect to see hexagons used in many new ways and incorporated in more modern designs. Now available in a variety of sizes and shades, hexagon shaped tiles can be used to transform the look of any room.

Regardless of what type of remodeling project you’re thinking about, all projects will start with the design and planning phase. Otterbeck Builders will be located at booth 193-194. Stop by and start planning your next renovation at the Times Union Home Expo!

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