You can run to the store, purchase a couple rolls of wrapping paper, a bag of bows and call it a day. But this is a time of giving…Taking a few extra moments of your time to make the gift wrap part of the present. When you receive a gift that has obviously been wrapped with care, your heart is filled with joy!
Why only red and green? Bring color and fun to your Holiday wrap. Grab old brown bags, (my favorite are the Trader Joes holiday shopping bags they’re terrific).  Don’t throw broken ornaments, repurpose them. Go out into your yard and find some pine cones and greenery from your trees.

Now you’re ready! Grab your glue gun and lets get started… tap into your creative side. This old shopping bag makes a big impact as gift wrap!

You can add a little jingle-lingle-ling on any color palette you’ve got laying around!  Use scrapes of left over paper, to make unique ribbons and bows, here are some ways to use the left over pieces that would other wise be discarded.

Even if you can’t think of any other odd items to use…a couple rolls of ribbon will do. Hand-tied bows are perfect for adding a personal touch to gifts, and sparkly ribbon and bling are part of the Holiday.

For easy bow ideas, do a google search, type in ” how to make a bow” and you’ll find hundreds of ideas, instructions, and even videos on how to make different variations of bows. Remember bows look good on gift cards from Lowes and Home Depot you don’t need a big box to embellish… the best gifts come in small packages.

As Always Stay Tuned for more Adventures in Styleland!




Michele Conti



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