Any HGTV viewer knows that renovating is far easier said than done. That doesn’t stop any of us from mentally making a few changes to our homes — whether we own them or not — even though we may not intend to hire a contractor anytime soon. Or, perhaps a renovation is actually within reach, but you’re not pleased with the generic inspiration found at your local home superstore. No matter which camp you’re in, you’re bound to love Otterbeck Builders, Inc. They began in 1988, currently serving the entire Capital Region. The Owners Dett and Julie Otterbeck holds informational workshops at their showroom helping consumers with their home improvements projects and questions. Their website is Otterbeck Builders. Visit them to inspire your renovations and remodeling projects, let the “Otterbeck Team” transform your ideas from dreams into reality!

Remodeling Tips From Otterbeck Builders…

Know your budget—know exactly what you can afford and want to spend, but build in a 10% cushion for any upgrades and/or potential changes.

Change is inevitable—know that you will make changes along the way and that they can sometimes change the completion date.

Rome wasn’t built in a day—the best job may not always be the quickest job; you can’t rush perfection.

Be a team player—you and your contractor are on the same team; work together toward the goal.

Relax—the work is done, there’s no more dust and no more noise; it’s time for you & your family to enjoy your completed project!

Above is another great design from Otterbeck Builders. Along with a fireplace, this bathroom houses fine elements such as marble, intricate tile work, glass enclosed showers, and more.

Keep an eye out for other standout remodels from Otterbeck Builders.

Come, visit Otterbeck Builders at Booth 350 the Home Expo in the Times Union Center.

Follow the Home Expo blog as we Visit with our vendors and keep you up to date on our Special guests and Events and let the eye-popping imagery inspire you!….

Stay Tuned for more Adventures to come at the HOME EXPO..

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