You can’t help but be drawn to the display by Albany Center Gallery this year. I’m pleased to announce that  Jae Schalekamp’s work, will be featured this year at the Times Union Home Expo. So much of Jae’s work captures Mother Nature, she opens up a whole new view to an environmental focus. Jae Schalekamp’s work goes beyond canvas, to a living force.

Her work transcends the material and “the self” connecting us to the highest purpose of art. What purpose? Well, it’s in the eye of the beholder and the collector. Certainly her work has aesthetic value, as well as monetary; but above all else, its cultural value is priceless.


She has created unique works of art that act as, not only as visual pieces, but lighting as well. Both structural and beautiful, these pieces are comprised of materials such as organ pipes, wood and rice paper. The rice paper is hand painted with sumi ink, water colors or gouache, then it is manipulated to create extraordinary works of art.

Charcoal has been known for its purifying, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.  The first recorded use of activated charcoal for medicinal purposes was found as early as 1500 B.C. from Egyptian papyri.  For Jae, as a designer, the most attractive part of charcoal is the sculptural form, complete with its intriguing porous texture.  With its chic mono-tone black, charcoal offers both organic and modern features for any style of interior decor.

Many of Jae’s pieces will be on view for purchase on February 10-12th at the Home Expo. What you will see here is just a fraction of her latest art. I’m honored to call Jae my friend and I look forward to introducing her and her work at the Home Expo! See you there…

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