I’ve heard the arguments that glass blocks are dated or that they are an “80’s” product – Kepple Glass Block would disagree, the people who make this claim are not aware of how this material has evolved. Glass Blocks come in various sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and designs, making it easy to match you interior design style or color. You can add a beautiful accent wall or invite more light into your rooms.

In this bathroom we have mixed sizes, patterns and colors creating an eclectic look, while adding a bit of whimsy to the otherwise traditional space! Why limit a glass block layout to stacking one block on top of another? Glass blocks allow you to achieve various levels of privacy, showing different degrees of transparency and increasing the thermal efficiency of wall designs. Attractive and cost-effective green building material is a perfect idea for eco homes, offices and public places. Visit with Dan at Kepple Glass Block located at located at Booth 310, at the Home Expo, with 16 years of experience he and his knowledgeable staff can help with questions and ideas for how you can use Glass Block in your home.

Glass blocks feature a gorgeous look with the semi-transparency and strength, creating interesting and very stable structures. Glass block wall designs can feature a combination of patterns, vertical and horizontal stripes or various patterns, combining clear recycled glass blocks with colored glass blocks creating Amazing interior design..

Stay tuned.. more to come at the Home Expo…




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