You have now done your research, spent hours on these sites,  and you have loads of ideas of how you want your bathroom or kitchen to look. If you are at all like the “average consumer”,  the internet has educated you, but with knowledge, comes confusion.  ALL the pictures look pretty!  Why spend $500 when there is similar product for $150?  Why the difference? Design, construction, brass content, ceramic cartridges, water volume, all of these things matter and you need to take them into consideration when deciding on what fixtures work best for your renovation.

At Plumbing Today they also know that you HAVE A BUDGET –  they will work hard to get your plumbing issues resolved quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

You know…. In the internet and in real life, you usually get what you pay for!  There are ways to save, but BEWARE!  If it is unbelievably inexpensive,  WORRY! This is why when renovating  your kitchen and bath a dependable plumber is key. There is no reason to settle for less than the best! Working with Plumbing Today provides high quality service family owned and operated since 1999. Plumbing Today provides commercial and residential service.  From a simple faucet repair to more complex sewer and drainage issues. Quality plumbing is essential to ensuring the health and convenience of a building’s occupants. Through their use of cutting edge equipment and system-specific knowledge Plumbing Today is positioned to offer superior field execution and design to ensure that even vast, complex plumbing systems run safely and smoothly.

You know what to buy when you select a dress, shirt, or a pair of shoes.  You have been shopping for those all your life.  Plumbing… well, most consumers will buy a bathroom or Kitchen maybe twice or three times in their lifetime. Plumbing Today understands that providing information is the most effective way to meet and exceed customer expectations. Expertise is important! Stop by Booth 433-434 and talk with their staff see why their team continually works to improve the high standards of quality, value and integrity synonymous with the Plumbing Today name.


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