Shopping for Solar Panels?? It can be overwhelming because, at first glance, so many companies look the same. How do you tell them apart and choose the right system and company for you?

When you choose a solar installer there are a number of things to consider; certifications, licenses, experience and track record in the market. The best installers will offer warranties on their work, use subcontractors sparingly, but (most importantly) they will be a trusted advisor on your path to going solar. Here are some helpful questions to help you choose.

Question #1: When receiving a quote ask “Is this a firm quote or an estimation?”

Decisions are better made with real numbers. The more accurately a company understands your energy needs, the better it can develop a quote that addresses your future electricity usage and optimizes your bill savings.

Question #2: Do you guarantee the system’s performance? What happens if the system doesn’t produce as much as you promise?

Ask them to be specific, solar companies will offer a production guarantee. Make sure that the company will pay you the difference if their system doesn’t preform as promised.

Question #3:  What is the difference between a lease, PPA and loan, would you recommend one of them for my current situation and why.

Understanding your financing options is so important,  what is the best fit for your household, considering your income level and credit score. Make sure to shop around, and don’t get discouraged if one option isn’t viable for you. Another solar company might offer a different option that makes going solar possible for you.

This year the Home Expo has several Solar Vendors, talk with several or all, do your homework. Read customer reviews, and company reviews. While a high rating indicates a company is more likely to provide a positive customer experience, keep in mind that an occasional bad review is bound to happen. Finding out what the solar installer did to correct a negative experience can provide insight into their level of integrity and their dedication to customer satisfaction. Going Solar is a big commitment, I hope this provided some light on your journey..


Stay Tuned for more adventures at the Home Expo…









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