One of my families most cherished memories is of our camping trips. With no money for trains and planes we opted to purchase a pop-up camper. It slept 6 comfortably, but it seemed to hold more than that on occasion, if you counted the neighbors kids and our two dogs.  Today’s fast-paced life often leaves busy parents searching for opportunities to spend quality time together as a family. Increasingly, families are discovering that vacationing in a camper or RV is the best way to cement family relationships while having a great time.

This year when I saw Imperial Trailer Sales and Service listed it immediately brought to mind, late nights around the camp fire, hotdogs on a stick and  sunny days by the lake. My kids have always said their best vacations were camping with our family and neighbors.

If you’ve been tent camping for years maybe its time to get up off the ground to a pop-up!  I will say… here is a camping tip I learned quick…Make friends with your camping neighbors because you might need to ask them for Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide and a wine opener (how could I forget that?? ).  Man those people next to us were prepared thank God!

Another great PERK that comes with RV or trailer camping is rolling over and turning the stove on to start the coffee, while your neighbor is trying to start the fire! Perhaps your family has been growing for years and its time to move up to a larger unit! Something like this lovely RV…wine anyone??

So Stop by and talk to these guys “They’ll Hook You Up” ! Imperial Trailer Sales and Service will be at booth 193-197. Spring is right around the corner, now is the time to book the best sites on the lake, are you ready for your next adventure?

See you soon, stay tuned for more Adventures in Styleland!


Michele Conti


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