Home generators are one of the most useful pieces of equipment any home owner can own! Home generators come in many different shapes and styles. Each make and model has some various strengths that can provide a unique, potentially beneficial experience. A1 Electric was established in 2007, they are dedicated professionals who provide their customers with all their standby electric power solutions.

The question that must be answered is this: what does your home need if the power goes out for more than 24 hours? A1Electric will show you with an Interactive Home Tool video that will give you a hands-on approach to what life would look like during the next power outage, and immediately let you see the results of your chosen backup power solution.

I’m able to contribute to this story because we’ve lived in a neighborhood that has frequent power outages, and we have been without power for over a week at a time. But now we have our own first responder: the Generac Guardian 10KW  backup generator. It immediately kicks into gear when the lights go out, and has been powering our home office, a couple of televisions, a refrigerator, and a microwave, not to mention charging up cellphones for the neighbors.

Having one the best home generators supplying power to a sump pump, refrigerator, or a furnace can seem like a luxury when everyone else is struggling without any power at all. Other people in our neighborhood will still be huddling in the cold, searching for candles, and struggling to connect to the outside world. But when the next outage occurs we will be comfortable, and carrying on as usual thanks to A1Electric and our Generac generator!

A1Electric will be camped out at booth 482, at the Home Expo and they’ll “keep the lights on” for you!!!

See ya soon!!




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