I’ve been living a distracted life, every minute of my day accounted for. I’m always checking something off the list, or staring at my phone, or rushing off to my next appointment. And no matter how many ways I divide my time and attention, no matter how many ways I multi-task, there’s never enough time in a day.

Suddenly, the realization hit me… just how many times do I say “I”? Why is my life controlled by electronic notifications, and jam packed activities and appointments..? I have been blessed with two lovely young ladies..who have made me aware of how much of my life I was missing..

This is how things changed. We’d just picked my older daughter up from college in NYC after a long drive home, we were getting out of the car. Not going fast enough for her liking, my older daughter said to her sister, “You are so slow.” And then she crossed her arms and let out an exasperated sigh, I saw myself—and it was a gut-wrenching sight…I saw the damage I had done to both my girls with my hurried existence. At that very moment I looked at them..and said  “I am so sorry I have been making you rush through life. I love that you take your time, and I want to be more like you. I promise to have more patients to enjoy even the small moments with you both.” My older daughter was amazed at my admission..my youger daughter just smiled with validation as she took her time to gather her belongings before getting out of the car.

We all have to enjoy life, the girls are a living reminder of why I must keep trying to slow down. In fact, the other day, I was reminded once again.

The girls wanted to take a ride to Guido’s Frozen Desserts on Quail St. in Albany to get ice cream. After purchasing our ice cream we headed home. We sat down at the counter delightedly admiring the scoops of ice cream our bowls. Suddenly a look of worry came across my younger daughters face. “I have homework, should I put this in the freezer for later?”

I could have cried. Perhaps the scars of a hurried life don’t ever completely disappear, I thought sadly.

I knew I had a choice. I could sit there in sorrow thinking about the number of times I rushed my children through their life … or I could celebrate the fact that today we are living in the moment enjoying life’s little treats. I chose to live in today!

Come join me At the Times Union Home Expo, bring your family.. Dream about your home..  and sit a moment at Guido’s located in Booth 441, Guido’s offers some homemade items and Haagen Daaz!  But my favorite is the homemade Italian ice, which comes in 10+ flavors for $2/$3 based on size. Delicious and guilt free! He’ll give you more than one flavor at no additional charge if you can’t decide.

Stay Tuned for more Adventures At the Home Expo!!




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