As the days cool, gold can warm your home in surprising ways. Looking for the perfect accents to complement your home décor? Embrace one of today’s hottest trend, gold. Some say gold is the new Chrome. We’re not just seeing classic polished gold but rose gold, brushed gold, warmer platinum’s and pretty much everything in between.For many, glitz and sparkle are elements to steer clear of.  As a matter of fact, they feel that way about all metallic finishes. But gold is actually a wonderful neutral that pairs beautifully with other colors. A deep chocolate brown table, for example, balances out gold and prevents it from looking or feeling brassy. This room, bathed in grey with lots of texture is jaw dropingly beautiful!!!

The brilliance of gold is a good choice for pairing with today’s trendy wall color choices.  Cool colors like grey and blue are balanced with the warmth of gold.  Gold can be very bold or it can be subtle depending on the type of fabric used, the wall application, the lighting, the formality of the room and of course how much gold actually used.


And gold has many hues, bright brassy gold, a silvery gold, a coppery gold, a yellow gold and more. Rooms don’t always have to be dripping with formality, sometimes a small touch of gold is just the right touch to create a little drama or a little sparkle. Of course gold doesn’t exclusively apply to formal traditional rooms as you will see below.


Gold is making a bold comeback, kitchens, baths as well as home décor accessories and textiles. The modern design of this bathtub reflects a sheer beauty and style in this urban and luxurious bathroom. The walls along with the bathtub create cool and modern ambiance in this bathroom.

Hoping you’ve enjoyed this Adventure along the golden road in Styleland …. See you at The Times Union Home Expo!!




Michele Conti


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