First Step – go to the Floor Plan and find which “available” booth # you would like. Click Here

* The booths that are light blue are currently available.

Step 1
– Go to:
– Click on an “Available” booth
– Click on the email
– In the body of the email, it will automatically list the booth # you are requesting. Example: “Request to Rent Booth 122”
– Complete the information in the body of the email:
– Contact Name, Company Name, Company Address, Phone #, E-mail, Website

Step 2
– You will receive an e-mail message, subject line: Register Now – 2020 Times Union Home Expo! 
– Note there could be a slight delay from receiving this email from when you sent your “Request to Rent” email. We need time to process the request.
– You must create a “password” to have access to register online.
– You will receive a second email confirming the booth # you requested has been put on “HOLD”.
– If we do NOT receive your online registration within 2 days from your on “HOLD” request, we will release your booth.

For step by step instructions Click Here

If you are having problems registering online, contact Anne Curcurito at (518) 454-5828 or