Why Consider Exhibiting at Our Home Show
in Albany & Clifton Park, NY


  • The Times Union Home Expo has been proven to be successful for over 40 years, having run annually since 1980.
  • Our Home Expo is strategically marketed to attract home builders, homeowners, and consumers looking for various home solutions.
  • We draw more visitors and exhibitors than any other Home Show in the Albany, NY & Hudson Valley area.
  • Most importantly…improve your businesses return, leads, sales and develop a high ROI.



  • Additional AdvantagesBeyond the Expo.
  • FREE advertisement in the special Home Expo section in the Sunday Times Union newspaper that reaches 257,000 readers.* The special Home Expo section will be published on Sunday, February 2, 2020. (*DMA 13 counties.)
  • Media coverage in our 40-page Times Union newspaper special Home Expo section.
  • Photos of your products/services posted in Home Expo Photo Galleries on timesunion.com, which is the #1 media website in the Capital Region and delivers 2.1 million unique visitors and 39 million page views monthly.
  • Social media posts about your product or services.
  • Online business listing on the Times Union Home Expo website and floor plan, even after the Home Expo.



A comprehensive and targeted marketing campaign is implemented to reach homeowners that are considering remodeling and home improvement projects.  This campaign delivers quality buyers with significant budgets ready to spend.  The strategic campaign includes:

  • Primetime TV advertising.
  • Prominent promotional campaign in the Times Union newspaper, the area’s most read newspaper.
  • Comprehensive promotion on timesunion.com, the area’s largest media website, reaching 2.4 million monthly unique visitors with digital ads, featured slideshows and blog posts.
  • Email marketing to 12,000 opted-in addresses. In addition, a special email marketing campaign to 27,000 TUPlus subscribers, with a special offer.
  • Social marketing via Times Union Facebook page with a potential reach of 40,000 in addition to other social platforms.
  • Search engine marketing campaigns to promote the Home Expo and capture attendee ticket sales.
  • Search engine optimization of the Times Union Home Expo website to obtain a high-ranking placement in search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Show guide distributed to over 8,000 show visitors.



  • Increase brand awareness for your business with an exhibit. Our home expo attracts thousands of attendees who are looking for products and services in your industry. Setting up an exhibit is perfect for small or new businesses to get their name out there.
  • Giving a face to your brand creates trust with potential customers. While researching and purchasing online is convenient, nothing beats face to face selling.
  • In addition to attracting attendees at the home show, you can also keep an eye on the competition. Finding the latest trends or new products offered by competitors can help your business stay in line with industry standards.
  • Meeting other people in your industry is just as important as meeting potential customers. By growing your number of industry contacts, you will be able to develop relationships that can be mutually beneficial in the future.
  • Gain actual real-life feedback from customers for your products and services. This can help to gauge how customers feel and can be great for new ideas that you plan to bring to the market in the future.
  • Since most people at the home show work in the same industry as you, it can be a great place to recruit new employees. Find the best and brightest minds in the home industry at our home expo.
  • If you have excess inventory, home expos are a great place to offer big discounts and offload large quantities at a single event.

We aim to make the process of exhibiting as seamless and stress-free as possible. To reduce the risk of any problems that may arise during the move-in, set-up, move-out, or the show itself, we offer an Exhibitor Manual. We also offer a variety of exhibitor links in one convenient location for your perusal.


Anne Curcurito | (518) 454-5828 | anne.curcurito@nulltimesunion.com