True Love and Apple Pie

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February 8, 2016
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February 10, 2016

True Love and Apple Pie

The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten’s got nothin’ on Marjan Bebee, owner of Dutch Desserts. For Keith Bebee it was True Love and Apple Pie! As the story goes… Marjan came to the US in 1989 to visit her brother in Kinderhook.

Where she met Keith a local professor and after a brief courtship they married. Keith was an apple pie connoisseur of sorts, he was always sampling several different versions in restaurants and roadside stands, until Marjan told Keith, “You haven’t tried apple tart (as they are called in the Netherlands) until you have tried mine.” After one bite of her apple tart, Keith agreed that not only was it the best he had ever tasted but that it was marketable, and so Dutch Desserts was born.

As ” American as Apple Pie” and we Americans love Baseball and Apple Pie! Keith thought, why not  try selling Marjans tarts at Country Fairs and Farmers Markets. So Keith and Marjan started to sell the apple tart at one small farmers’ market in Kinderhook. This was so successful that people began to ask for other flavors such as blueberry, peach, raspberry, etc.

Several years later Dutch Desserts continues to grow at a very fast pace. They now provide their tarts to numerous stores in eastern New York, western Massachusetts, and Connecticut, and, they sell their products at many upscale farmers’ markets throughout the area. They are always looking for additional specialty food stores and new farmers’ markets where they can offer their delicious products to new and old customers. They are at booth 167A at the Home Expo this year, and listed below are retail places you can purchase these delectable desserts!

New York
The Berry Farm (Valatie)
Honest Weight Food Corp (Albany)
Mount Kisco Seafood Company (Mount Kisco)

Bergers Specialty Food @ Guido’s (Pittsfield)
Marketplace of the Berkshires at Guido’s (Gr. Bar)
Nejaime’s Winecellar (Stockbridge, Lenox,Pittsfield)
Spirited Wine (Lenox)

For years you could only get these tarts in Northeast specialty stores and farmer’s markets. Now they are available to you online just send them an email: Come on down visit with Marjan and Keith and savor a piece of oozy, warm apple tart!

See you Soon 10 days!!





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