A Spark From The Sun

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February 5, 2019
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A Spark From The Sun

Green Mountain Energy began in Vermont in 1997 with a simple but powerful mission: Use the power of consumer choice to change the way power is made. Green Mountain Energy is one of the nations longest serving renewable energy retailer. Growing Energy solutions, and a clean energy future is what more people want these days! Offering information on Solar, wind, geothermal and more Green Mountain Energy offers several options for the residential consumer.

Customers on the SolarSPARC® (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change) plan help accelerate the growth, adoption, and innovation of solar energy.

Lets Talk Solar Energy

With East Coast storms brewing yearly, you may ask yourself is Solar a good source of renewable energy. Solar panels do work in the winter because solar energy is created by sunlight  not heat. So even though it may get cold or snowy where you here in upstate New York, as long as there’s sunlight, solar panels will produce energy. In some situations, solar panels actually work better in the wintertime because the cooler temperatures help boost their efficiency. Solar panels are a cost-efficient form of alternative energy, with an overwhelming percentage of new systems being installed in tangent with the traditional electrical grid.

Solar panel installation

NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s) Test House Blows Past Goals In One-Year Trial.

Despite 38 days when the test house’s solar panels were covered with snow or ice, the NIST sun-powered generation system produced 13,577 kilowatt hours of energy. That’s 491 kilowatt hours more than used by the house and its occupants, a computer-simulated family of two working parents and two children, ages 8 and 14.

You do have to physically remove snow if there is excessive accumulation. There are special snow rakes (snow brum snow pro) to remove snow from Solar panels without damaging them, but you may also want to call a local professional to help depending on the height and slope of your roof. Remember the few extra tens of kWh you can generate in a day are not worth a trip to the hospital.

As long as a structure is connected to the power grid, electricity will not be interrupted when snow accumulation makes solar energy unattainable. With continued research and installations, solar power remains a viable option for Americans hoping to utilize reusable energy.

Stop at Booth 144, for more information, are you ready to join them? Let Green Mountain Energy Customize a plan just for you!

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