Home Expo


Home Expo
in the Albany, Clifton Park & Hudson Valley, NY Area

If you own a home in Albany, Clifton Park, Hudson Valley, or the surrounding areas of Upstate New York, you understand that being a homeowner is a never-ending process. There will always be another home improvement project you could tackle. Whatever your current undertaking may be, you will likely find some benefit from attending a home show.

Home shows are large conventions that bring together dozens of unique companies to show off all their finest products to consumers. Exploring a home expo will provide you with a very different experience than simply browsing remodeling ideas online.

The Times Union Home Expo is the Captial Region’s premier home show held annually in February or March at the Albany Capital Center. After a day at our home and garden show, you will have insight into the ideal products you should use and companies you should work with to best meet your needs.

Benefits of Home Expos

Home shows like the Times Union Home Expo are well worth your time and the price of admission, as they offer a number of benefits for homeowners pursuing just about any sort of remodeling or home improvement project. Not the least of these benefits is providing inspiration. At a large Capital Region home expo, there will be so much to see and try that you’re sure to learn something new and discover something you would never have thought of. These events being in-person allow you to experience products for yourself and compare them side-by-side with similar options. Similarly, there is a huge advantage to getting the opportunity to speak face-to-face with contractors you could potentially hire. Additionally, home expos will expose you to the latest industry innovations, as home renovation technology changes rapidly.

Explore our website to learn more and see the latest news about the Albany, Clifton Park, and Hudson Vallery, NY area’s #1 home show, or simply call (518) 454-5775 to purchase your tickets for this year’s Time Union Home Expo!