Times Union Home Expo 2016

January 11, 2016

Stay Sharp..

There is nothing worse than trying to prepare a meal with a dull knife. If you’re knife isn’t sharp you might as well just try ripping […]
January 16, 2016

Sleepless in Sleepy Hollow Lake

Sleepy Hollow Lake tucked away in Athens New York, is virtually an unknown obscure spot. A beautiful 2 1/2 mile long lake, with a view of the […]
January 17, 2016

Keep your Basement Beautiful..

What a wonderful idea this is!  I wish we had this years ago, we had to have a company come dig up my yard and it was a mess […]
January 18, 2016

The Process of Selecting Color..

Choosing a wall color can be fun, its all in the approach….and help from your painting professional! While doing a room for Vanguard Showhouse, I was asked to […]